Monday, October 12, 2015

Keto Diet Meals

A  keto diet is a diet where the goal is to get into a fat-burning mode.

A  keto diet is not a deprivation or low calorie diet.

Keto Clarity

A  keto or ketogenic meal plan is like a low-carb high fat diet. Like the Dr. Atkins diet.

Although some people may find it difficult or sometimes anti-social it is a diet on which you will not go hungry.

So what is a keto diet meal? A meal excluding:

  • bread
  • crackers
  • sugar
  • grains (all)
  • potatoes
  • pastas (grains)

So a keto diet breakfast may be:

1 or 2 boiled, poached, scrambled eggs/omelet
with sour cream, butter, cooked in coconut oil
with bacon or sausage and cheese

Buying bacon smoked with no sugar is a challenge. Sour cream from grass fed cows or cows not fed the Rbgh (recombinant beef growth hormone) is recommended. Sausage from small farm raised pork is preferred too. Why?

All those GMO fed meat foods and hormone fed animals aren't good for you. And you will gain weight if you eat them, most of you.

A keto diet lunch could be:

  • a lettuce wrap with meat, cheese or peanut butter
  • a piece of chicken, turkey, beef (no cold cuts)
  • chopped veggies with a sour cream/avocado/cheese dip (home made)
  • lettuce wrapped peanut/almond butter "sandwiches", a few
  • a drive-through burger/cheese burger/'fishwich' wrapped in lettuce -
  • a tub of egg or tuna or salmon salad

A keto diet dinner could be:

  • meat/chicken/fish/eggs
  • as many green veggies as you like with butter, olive oil or sour cream
  • salad - greens including avocado

You won't be hungry with these meals.

Keto snacks can include walnuts, peanuts, and chopped veggies with tahini or nut butters.

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