Saturday, October 17, 2015

Keto Diet Freezer Meals

Are you a busy dancer, mom of a dancing daughter/son - or just crazy busy?

Here's a Kindle book with recipes you can make ahead of time and freeze.

What a handy book! This is not the only Kindle edition of handy meals to grab from the freezer but it is written by a registered and licensed dietician, Skye Howard.

There are incredible advantages to making ketogenic meals this way:

  • avoid unhealthy fats from frozen processed foods
  • avoid artificial flavors and colors in frozen meals
  • avoid the lack of nutrition in frozen packaged meals and snacks

If you still have reservations about eating fats, check out my Kindle book Facts About Saturated Fats.

Don't be hungry!

Lose weight safely! Enjoy your own choices of:

  • healthy foods 
  • flavors and seasonings
  • grass fed beef
  • organically fed chicken and pork
  • wild caught cold water fish providing omega 3 oils
  • grass fed dairy products, possibly raw
  • organic vegetables

Grass fed products, organic products and wild caught fish contribute greatly to your hormone balance and how that affects weight gain. You can read more about that in my post  about teen weight gain and hormone imbalance. 

And here is your book about keto diet freezer meals

keto diet freezer recipes

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