Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Dance I Never Danced

Well...not quite. I'd had the amazing opportunity to have some classes in Flamenco with Susana. Yes, The Susana.

I was teaching at The National Ballet School of Canada then and only did one summer intensive - 4 weeks - of classes.

Fast forward many years later to when I had moved to LA. I had not danced for about 5 years then.

I had a child and a job. One day, while walking from the bus stop to our house, I passed a home and from inside the garage I heard someone practicing Flamenco. 

On the third day, I left a note stuck to the front door, asking where this person was studying. And she called me!

Unfortunately, a few days later I got served divorce papers at 10 PM on a week night. Phooey!

Quite a few dreams circled the drain at that point, including me taking Flamenco classes. I still had the shoes...the skirt...oh well. And I still have them! Talk about a die hard!