Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dance Classes For Cancer Recovery

Moving For Life is a program designed by Martha Eddy, Ed. E., and is dance exercise for cancer recovery.

There are other programs as well. I read about it today in a post by Ronald Levine, D.C.

Movement For Life offers free dance classes for people recovering from cancer. How wonderful is that.

Sometimes disease alienates us from our bodies. Or a section of our body. Cancer induces such fear, and I believe if we withdraw our energy or attention from a body part, we deny it the energy that is going to make it heal.

I can't think of anything better than dance to connect and communicate creative energy and spiritual energy to our physical form.

Thanks to Dr. Lavine for writing about this!

Class locations are NYC boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey and California in the LA area. Moving For Life .

(I first found Dr. Ronald Lavine at The Body Series, Deborah Vogel's site).