Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trapezius Muscle Pain

And wow did I ever have that yesterday -- trapezius muscle pain and stinging -- like a swarm of bees stung me!

I don't know how else to describe it. Burning, smarting stinging in my left trapezius!

 I had never experienced that in a muscle before. Usually a strained muscle would ache, spasm a bit, and respond if I used a sports ball or roller. Relief!

Not this time! I was in the middle of a task - with some repetitive motion involved. And I'd had a sensation of tightness in the muscle for few days -- or is that weeks?

You know how time flies when you're busy!

I put some Bio Freeze on it - I had the roll on or I couldn't have reached. I contemplated getting ice, but I didn't want to stop what I was doing. I could have!

Yeah, I'll fix it later right? Typical dancer think?

Anyway today I got the chance to get a half hour massage for the stinging -- which was a little better than yesterday's killer bee swarm affect - and while I was telling Shirley Martin about it I reflected on my ergonomic computer workstation at home.

O.K., I confess right now it's my couch. The Ouch Couch. I have a table set up too -- but isn't the couch more inviting most evenings?

And the ergonomic workstation design at the office? The area was built in 1999 when no one had any idea what would be required for a good layout once everything was digitalized. I've reconfigured it as best I can. But the rebuild of the room hasn't been approved lol.

So back to the couch -- I am now supported by a Sobakawa pillow and am facing forward (eliminating the twist to the thoracic spine) (oh, and neck!) and thinking how silly I am to let it get to the point where I got such trapezius muscle pain!

Here's a video by Kai Wheeler showing how to relax the trapezius - using a ball.

This type of tension release is for experienced dancers and athletes. It is not meant to replace a person consulting a chiropractor, a physiotherapist or a medical doctor.

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