Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teen Diet Plans Research Overload

I decided to start a second Kindle book (first one done but not published yet) called Teen Diet Plans - tentative working title.

Talk about overload! I couldn't avoid the issue of grass fed meats, dairy and wild caught fish. And organic vegetables.

Because the conventional GMO or pesticide/herbicide laden foods mess with our hormones.

As I've written here  I grew up with a progesterone deficiency which plagued me all my life.

I struggled with staying thin having no clue about stress hormones or estrogen dominance (which can lead to cancers).

And now that I'm looking at the latest research on what's in our foods - it's a horror story!

As an example - a few years ago it became illegal in the US to feed cows cow products. This was to prevent the spread of Mad Cow Disease. But chickens don't get that so they get fed cow “products” - usually blood, bone meal and unmarketable parts that don't go into hot dogs.

But it is legal to feed cattle “chicken litter” which is chicken poop, feathers and other unmarketable bits and pieces. So it is still possible for cows to eat recycled cow products with a chance that Mad Cow disease could be passed on.

We eat cows fed chicken poop.

But the good thing is:

You can vote with your dollars! Even if you're not a voter.

Because of the persistence of consumers buying organic and grass fed foods, the prices have dropped. Availability has spread.

Yet the yuk factor of what I now feel obliged to put in this short guide book on healthy teen meals (mostly “fast food” Nutri Bullet drinks made at home) has increased.

BPA's, flame retardents, household cleansers, antibiotics...and more! All estrogen mimickers or endocrine disruptors.

Which disrupt what would have been a teen's normal weight, given the growth/hormone spurts and lulls.

But we can still beat this thing!

"The Meatrix" - the first 3 minutes address the situation.

I really don't want to get political. I just want to provide info about healthy fat burning meal plans. 

Simply spending your dollars on the healthy foods is all one has to do.

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  1. Great informative post, so important for parents!