Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sound Machines For Sleeping

So you've got a good nutritional diet plan!

There is one way you can sabotage it and wonder why it's not working as well as "hers".

Lack of good sound sleep will affect a good diet every time.

Even if you're not on a weight loss diet - if you start to gain weight or feel a big appetite increase, reflect on how you've been sleeping lately.

Lack of sleep creates a hormone imbalance that results in hunger, and lack of satisfaction with the meals we're used to.

It also creates other havoc - exhaustion will increase our stress hormone cortisol - which then in turn decreases the quality of our sleep even more.

There is so much for a teen dancer to keep track of!

  • school work
  • extra stretching
  • extra foot exercises
  • sewing pointe shoes
  • clean ballet wear ready
  • social time (what is that again? lol)

And you may lie at wake worrying about all these things, the competition, family arguments and much more!

I totally love sound machines for sleeping! 

Without sound sleep that diet plan will not work so well.

Here's one that comes with a sound card pre-loadedwith soothing sleep sounds - and you can stream your own favorites from a Bluetooth enabled device.
 Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System

There is a variety of these white noise type of machines for sleep.

Get a good night's sleep every night - and get the most out of your good nutritional diet plan.

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