Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flexiblibility Exercises - How To Do Effective Ballet/Sports/Cheer Leading Stretching

Those of us who were not born with that amazing flexibility to do the splits and perfect ballet positions can learn how to get more flexible with a simple yet truly ultimate stretching guide. For daily stretches, for example, even at an office space desk, the same exercises can be done discreetly to improve your comfort and efficiency.

So you want to know how to get more flexible. Education prevents injury, and I will help you learn from expert guidance that I have found.

The real secret to stretching has been recently revealed by some of the top dance medicine experts in the world. I say "revealed" not because it has been some trade secret that a few have kept to themselves - not at all - but the human body is understood better and better all the time.

And here is a warning - when you look at this information, do not underestimate its effectiveness because of the simplicity of the presentation. Or because the presenter is not sitting in the splits while showing the stretching exercises.

Actually, if you try it out, I think you will really appreciate the quality of the data and the ease with which you can start doing it.

Now the latest data on stretching without injury, and with incredible results when done properly, is available to you and me.

Right now you don't know exactly how much more flexible you can get. But you CAN learn safe stretching, with understanding of how the body tightens up as you grow. If you want to improve at ballet, sports, fitness, cheer leading or another athletic goal, find out about how to do the best flexiblibility exercises.


  1. hello, as you know I follow your blog but I wondered whether you could point me in the direction of any motivational articles you've come across. I need to send the links to a dancer, hopefully later today. Any help much appreciated. thank you

  2. Hi Elise! Here's one of my favorite motivational sources for inspiration:

    There is a lot on this site, and you can also view sequences on

    I hope this is what you had in mind. All the best, Dianne

  3. Some great point here - thanks for the info.