Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Learn Better In Ballet Class

How do you increase your concentration and learn better in ballet class? This is important for you to learn faster, make faster progress and increase the strength and accuracy of your ballet technique.

If you are a ballet beginner, it is very important to learn the French words for ballet. Study a ballet glossary and highlight the words or phrases that match the words you learn every class. This way you will avoid distractions, like having your mind wander or wonder every time the ballet teacher says something you do not understand.

Understanding the words you hear aligns with the idea of only trying to do one thing at a time. In ballet class, once a teacher starts talking or demonstrating an exercise, your ability to concentrate will determine how well you comprehend and then remember what you have seen and heard. In this instance, as soon as your mind starts to wander, or wonder, you are now doing an additional task. You miss some of what you should have heard or seen, so there is nothing there to remember!

If you are an adult ballet beginner, the best glossary is a video glossary, like you would find in The Ballet Bible. You will see ballet steps demonstrated while learning the French ballet words. This results in faster progress.

If you feel that poor memory stops you from learning better in ballet class, try to develop an awareness of where your mind goes when the teacher is showing a combination. Some people learn better visually and can be distracted by words being spoken. Some people learn better through audial comprehension and get distracted by what they are seeing.

My experience with ballet students is that those with poor concentration are usually distracted by something as soon as the music stops and the teacher starts correcting someone, or everyone. Adjusting ballet wear or fiddling with pointe shoes, or hair, are the most common and observable activities.

Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and lots of worry are often at the bottom of a decrease in ability to concentrate. These issues must be corrected out of class.

You can learn to train your brain to function better. You can learn good nutrition for ballet dancers, which will help you to learn better in ballet class as well as sleep better.

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