Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The " Too Old To Start Ballet " Age - And Build Strength To Dance In Pointe Shoes

Who is too old to start anything? How to choose a ballet teacher is more the right question. Some dance studios have classes for older teens and adults to start ballet, and some do not. Some teachers enjoy teaching older beginners and some do not. So maybe an older teen/young adult can start and even build strength to dance ballet in pointe shoes. Do not let fears about weight, age and muscle tone hold you back.

Whatever art or workout you choose, you start just where you are. How to choose a teacher is what deserves the first careful focus of your time.

If there are several studios in your area, check out their site, and then phone and visit them. Ask if you can watch part of a class.

While most older students will not immediately produce the right look or execution of any ballet position or movement, the teaching should be the same. Accurate technique should always be explained.

The pace and presentation of 'late starter' classes will be different. There may be an assumption that certain aspects of ballet will never be achieved, and working safely is the priority. The more imaginative teachers will be able to present an adult beginner class with simple, artistic and elegant exercises.

Fears about weight should be dealt with from a health point of view. Ballet is definitely more difficult if you are overweight. If you are still growing, cut out the junk food and extra breads and carb snacks. Eating real fresh food is best, and you need never be starving.

An adult who wishes to lose weight might add an aerobic workout to their daily routines, 2-3 times a week. And if eating fresh whole foods without breads, potatoes and pasta does not achieve weight loss within a few weeks, see a medical doctor. Low thyroid, blood sugar irregularities and other hormone imbalances, and medications may be playing a part in this. (This could be true for teens too).

If you want to eventually do classes in pointe shoes, you simply must persist with the basics of ballet technique until your work is correct and strong. How long this will take depends on the teacher, how many classes you take per week, and your ability to concentrate.

So not being too old to start, choose a ballet teacher, build strength, deal realistically with fears about weight, and perhaps you will study in pointe shoes one day.

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  1. Thanks for this article about adult ballet. Although I am not an adult beginner, but rather an adult advanced student, I still feel it often happens that the adult dancers are not taken that seriously. So thanks for encouraging adults to take pointe classes as well. I myself really enjoy dancing on pointe, and I am very happy I now found a variations class as well, which are rare to come by when you're an adult.