Friday, April 4, 2008

Productive Routines - A Step By Step Approach To Pointe Work

Whether you are a beginner in ballet classes and you are under ten years old, or a young adult beginner, you can start some clever planning to achieve your goal of dancing in pointe shoes. Productive routines done at home, with a step by step approach, will help you build strength for all aspects of your ballet technique.

Anything that enhances the strength and accuracy of your ballet technique will get you closer to doing pointe work, if you are a female, and get you closer to the male virtuoso steps if you are a male.

If you are over about 12 years old and have been doing ballet for three years or more, it will also help you get towards classes on pointe faster.

If you are under 12, there is no rush. You need to grow, and there are a zillion finer details to work on in the meantime.

However, you can begin learning as soon as you can read! There are foot muscles to learn about, and posture, and turnout.

There are "flexers" and "extensors" and "rotators".

There are foods that help you grow and there are foods that weaken your muscles instantly! (sugars, and various chemicals in foods).

There are French words for ballet to learn.

There are ways to learn to relax and stretch, ways to warm up, and ways to ice and rest exhausted muscles (while you are watching your favorite ballet movies) .

Be optimistic and excited, but be methodical too. The way has been prepared for you by many teachers who have shared their expertise with books, videos, and excellent practice regimens.

I have seen students with the ideal ballet physique, good stage looks, the money to study, ("born to dance") and yet poor ability to concentrate. They are more likely to get injured and lose time. Or, they just cannot absorb the many details and keep up with the demands of ballet training.

Thus, students who seem less talented at first, but who can work well, gain consistently.

A step by step approach and clever planning, will result in productive routines that will advance you better, perhaps faster, and more safely.

Click here to view ballet manuals that will guide you with the information you need.

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