Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big Dance World And Professional Ballet Dancing

You are between fifteen and twenty years old and you have suddenly decided that only professional ballet dancing is for you. It is your passion and excludes all else. What are you going to do? Which ballet academy will you choose? Will this dance studio accept you as a serious student? Will you ever dance in pointe shoes? You are in a very vulnerable position right now. You are actually considered to be an adult ballet beginner, even if you just turned fifteen. That seems unfair!

I know you are aware that ballet is like the Olympics. You start young, like nine or tens years old. Ideally you have the best professional training offered, ballet six days a week with character dancing, modern dance, endurance training and eventually pointe work. Your school has a physical therapist, a massage therapist, and you learn dance notation and anatomy as you progress.

What? You don't? Well before you get depressed about not doing all of the above, think about why you love ballet. What qualities do you admire in ballet dancers? What aspects of the drama grab you o that you dream about it, run it over and over in your head.

I ask this, because this is important. If you HAVE missed the ballet boat, you must seriously engage in the things that draw you to ballet. Why?

I believe this has something to do with you and your destiny. Whether it is dancing ballet on stage or - being a stage manager, a dance medicine specialist, a costume designer, a dance photographer.... a professional in dance notation - do you see how big the big dance world is?

I am not suggesting that you don't start ballet classes right away. First and foremost, this is going to engage your love of life and art at a crucial level. Your intensity in learning ballet now will carry you through all the moments of doubt. "My legs are too short". "My arches are not flexible". Whatever - in ballet, something will come up short, guaranteed. But that is not the point!

You love ballet for a reason. Even if you decided this "too late" there is still a reason. I hope you will explore your instincts further and follow your heart to the big dance world.


  1. I love this one!
    Anyway, I took ballet for six years when I was younger, but then had to quit four years ago. I'm sixteen now and I REALLY miss it! But I'm way out of practice. I'm still very flexible and can do pointe, but I need alot of help with the moves. When I was younger allegro was my favourite part, I loved the fast dancing and all the jumps, they made me feel like I was flying! Now I can't even do them! =(
    Are there classes that can teach you fast if you're just out of practice? I don't think I'm even at an intermediate level as it is.
    Lyll <3

  2. Just start at a lower level than you were before and get in shape! As you get stronger you can change your level whenever you are ready. Do lots of core muscle exercises and foot exercises (many given on this blog) to speed up your progress. You'll get that flying feeling back!