Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Reader’s Choice Top Dance Blogs of 2010 Competition

Nichelle of Dance Advantage
is running a contest for the Readers' Choice Top Dance Blog of 2010.

Each dance blog responding to this contest, will be evaluated by the number of their readers' comments, and will be eligible to earn the title.

So please let me know by adding your comment, how much you enjoy this blog. We dance bloggers are a vast community, with much shared appreciation for all the dance education every blogger offers. I will very much appreciate it if you can leave some words for this blog.

I have already enjoyed the exposure to other dance bloggers I haven't come across till now, just because of this contest invite. This is fun!

I have always admired Nichelle for her Dance Advantage site and the vast range of dance topics she posts about.

Happy Holidays All!


  1. Really enjoy coming to your blog and reading lots of posts all in a row and feeling like I'm just soaking up a ton of information. I vote for you!

  2. I agree! Finding new, good dance blogs is part of the fun--glad I found yours--here's a vote!