Friday, October 16, 2009

Learn Basic Ballet Positions - Can You Learn On Line?

For the curious adult beginner, or younger student wanting to learn ballet, there are many offers to learn ballet on line. Is this really possible? There are many articles and you tube videos showing basic ballet positions. Even if they were all perfect, how would you learn ballet at home? Maybe your body can do ballet positions easily, maybe not.

It's easy to view the great ballerinas and male dancers doing ballet as perfect as it gets. So you can do it because you can see it, right?

Well, you already got my point. The professional teachers who put e-books, videos, and print books about ballet, anatomy, exercises to prepare for pointe, and dance injury recovery information on the internet, assume that you have a ballet teacher and that you have a basic grasp on the basic ballet positions and movements.

To learn classical positions properly, you need a ballet class. Certainly you can improve with taking advantage of the abundance of information obtained on line. But only if you understand how you are doing things right in ballet (or other dance style) class, and how you are seeking to improve turnout/posture/core strength/exercises for pointe etc., etc..

And, for example, ballet flexibility (or getting more flexible for cheer leading or dance/sports/fitness) is also a topic that has been updated and written about in the recent past.

If you love dance, clarify your goals with your dance study. Determine what topic in dance that you need the most information in, and find it. I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to find answers to any of your dance questions.

You can learn all about ballet positions easily. Then, follow up with data on exercises to prepare for pointe. You can bring all this info into your ballet class practice and get optimum results!


  1. Definitely, materials outside of class should only be used to supplement class. For years I was even afraid to practice at home because I might just reinforce incorrect technique. Now I'm starting to learn what can be done safely at home; stretching, tendus, watching dance videos.

    Sadly, a lot of adult ballet classes are bad news... total lack of technique.

  2. Jean-Pierre thanks for visiting my blog! And all the best with your dancing....

  3. I agree-there is no way videos that are on the internet can properly teach ballet. Perhaps they can help students remember the vocabulary of ballet and what term goes with what move, but the true training has to come from a studio with a teacher. The body needs to actually feel the move to be able to understand and execute it. The internet may be changing a lot of things but I still also believe that when it comes to dance, you need to experience it first hand!

  4. Very helpful! Learning online isn't completely impossible- this video I posted about safe lifting teaches how to properly lift and is helpful for Moms who lift their kids at home, too! Check it out :)