Saturday, March 14, 2009

Each Ballet Barre Exercise Gets You Closer to Dancing in Pointe Shoes

In the first couple of years dancing ballet, every little girl dreams of dancing in pointe shoes. Those students who have a good ability to concentrate have a head start at getting into pointe shoes with a better ballet technique.

The better the foot muscles are trained, the better the whole leg functions. And the better your first pair of pointe shoes will feel.

For example, correct battments tendus with less than half a dozen exercises for the foot muscles will prepare feet for dancing ballet in pointe shoes.

Whether a ballet student is six years old, or is an adult ballet beginner between twenty and sixty years old, the first ballet lessons are extremely important.

Beginning ballet is very simple, as far as barre exercises go. The need for understanding and accuracy of ballet positions and ballet movements cannot be stated enough.

A teacher who believes she must make a class fancy and entertaining in some way, or too complicated, in order to challenge students or make them feel they're really doing something, is sacrificing any real achievement in later intermediate or advanced classes.

Varying the combinations in early ballet exercises, and introducing different musical rhythms keeps class interesting and challenging. If students understand what they are trying to do, they are mentally busy with the simplest of barre exercises.

If young or adult beginner ballet students understand correct posture, correct turnout and correct weight placement on their feet, not a lot will go wrong as they progress through their ballet class.

Any ballet dancer ten years old or older can investigate how ballet is somewhat anatomically incorrect and solve the mysteries of why "I just can't do it!".

Taking advantage of the available analysis of arabesque or examining how the core muscles are needed in ballet (including correct turnout) can save years of frustration at the ballet barre.

So what does this all have to do with how to progress faster and better toward dancing ballet in pointe shoes? Your ability to concentrate on your basic ballet barre exercises and your ability to find the information you need can be completely accessible! 

When you don't understand why YOUR body will not do a ballet movement or ballet position as easily as someone else's, solving your unique problem is a big part of what will speed you toward your ballet goals.

Each correctly done ballet barre exercise gets you closer to dancing in pointe shoes.

Here's a video showing how to do correct rises, and how to strengthen the pertinent muscles. Good for late starters in ballet too!

Here is more about using the resistance band to get ready for dancing in pointe shoes!

The Perfect Pointe Book has many ballet tips for strengthening your feet. 

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