Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adult Ballet Beginners - Don't Underestimate Yourself

Adult ballet beginners - when are you too old to start ballet? If you want to do ballet, don't underestimate yourself. If you have no dire medical condition, and are under 75, I say go for it. Many things in life are about finding the appropriate challenge. If you can find the right ballet classes, dance and enjoy!

I hear the same concerns from 14 year olds and 30 year olds. "Am I too old to start ballet?"

Properly taught, ballet is precise, and not dangerous in any way. Many dance studios have adult ballet classes or classes for older teen/adult beginners. Most adult ballet classes include flexibility exercises for dancers. Many teachers include them hoping that their students will practice them at home, so the classes can concentrate on ballet. Other teachers may just recommend core muscle exercises, Pilates work-at-home DVDs, or anything that will help adults or older teens to do ballet with more strength.

If you really love ballet and want to progress to more advanced classes there are ways to do that. The internet provides download ebooks with illustrations, photos and videos of correct ballet positions, ballet technique, and ballet movements, one being THE BALLET BIBLE. These sources of information can give you the opportunity to see and hear details over and over again, which you just do not get out of a ballet class.

For example, if you feel you need to gain an extra advantage so that you can get ahead, you could focus on strengthening your foot muscles. This will result in less muscle cramps, and better ballet positions and movements. Eventually, if you progress to an intermediate level, and acquire an accurate technique, you may dance ballet in pointe shoes. The muscles in the sole of the foot play a major role in pointe work. Get into pointe shoes with safe and detailed routines you can learn and practice yourself.

If you seek a deeper understanding of the mechanics of technique, get expert tips on classical ballet training.

The different ballet techniques (R.A.D., Cecchetti and Vaganova, for example) approach some ballet movements differently. I recommend that the one closest to anatomically correct be chosen. Ballet, however, is not anatomically correct!

Even though the opportunity to be a professional ballerina may have passed you by, learning ballet for the sake of elegance and grace is made accessible by those ballet studios which offer adult dance classes. Get all the best ballet tips for adult ballet beginners.


  1. hi my name is denise, i am 21 and i ve started taking ballet a week ago. i feel bad because everyone tells me im too old.i know i will not be a professional dancer but i would love to performe on stage.

  2. Hi Denise. Don't feel bad! Enjoy your dancing and let it show - you never know what will happen. You may end up performing even if only in amateur recitals. Express your "joie de vivre" with dancing. Dianne.

  3. i started taking classes when i was 20 or 21, but i have stopped because i had a baby. I love ballet. It has been the only thing i have found that gives me pure natural relief from reality.I feel like im falling in love all over again when i dance. I get heartache when i see ballet because i wish i could do it so badly. Is there any hope that i could ever get to pointe?