Friday, March 21, 2008

Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes - Planning Muscle Rest Time

The way of ballet training does not always provide ideal recovery time for your muscles. At professional schools, there are 5-10 classes a week. Out of necessity to complete training, this is planned for 7-8 years.

Repetition of accurate movements is the basis of ballet training. Within a ballet class, muscle groups are always alternated as the barre work progresses. Or, to be more specific, the emphasis on muscle groups changes from exercise to exercise in a well formulated class.

However, over a week's professional training there is usually one day off. That is not considered enough rest for the muscles by a lot of trainers.

If you are not in a full time dance school and you take two or three ballet classes a week, you can add pre-pointe or other practice routines to homework. You still are working every day, but you can plan for recovery time.

Make yourself a written plan. For each 4-6 week period, for example, pick three exercises using three different muscle groups.

You can practice each one on a day when you are not going to class. And rest that muscle group and work a different one on your next practice day. And so on. Make notes every 2 weeks as to how your strength feels in ballet class. Tell your teacher what you are working on, and get feed back.

For example you might choose your core muscles, your foot muscles and your turnout muscles. You can spread that out onto alternating days, and still see progress.

If you are following a professionally created regimen, you can do more work more often, per that guide. You'll be able to test yourself and keep good track of how you build strength.

Always remember to relax and stretch your muscles after working. Have a day of muscle rest, and sew your next pair of pointe shoes. Watch your favorite ballet movie and imagine yourself in your chosen part!

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