Monday, October 12, 2015

Keto Diet Meals

A  keto diet is a diet where the goal is to get into a fat-burning mode.

A  keto diet is not a deprivation or low calorie diet.

A  keto or ketogenic meal plan is like a low-carb high fat diet. Like the Dr. Atkins diet.

Although some people may find it difficult or sometimes anti-social it is a diet on which you will not go hungry.

So what is a keto diet meal? A meal excluding:

  • bread
  • crackers
  • sugar
  • grains (all)
  • potatoes
  • pastas (grains)

So a keto diet breakfast may be:

1 or 2 boiled, poached, scrambled eggs/omelet
with sour cream, butter, cooked in coconut oil
with bacon or sausage and cheese

Buying bacon smoked with no sugar is a challenge. Sour cream from grass fed cows or cows not fed the Rbgh (recombinant beef growth hormone) is recommended. Sausage from small farm raised pork is preferred too. Why?

All those GMO fed meat foods and hormone fed animals aren't good for you. And you will gain weight if you eat them, most of you.

A keto diet lunch could be:

  • a lettuce wrap with meat, cheese or peanut butter
  • a piece of chicken, turkey, beef (no cold cuts)
  • chopped veggies with a sour cream/avocado/cheese dip (home made)
  • lettuce wrapped peanut/almond butter "sandwiches", a few
  • a drive-through burger/cheese burger/'fishwich' wrapped in lettuce -
  • a tub of egg or tuna or salmon salad

A keto diet dinner could be:

  • meat/chicken/fish/eggs
  • as many green veggies as you like with butter, olive oil or sour cream
  • salad - greens including avocado

You won't be hungry with these meals.

Keto snacks can include walnuts, peanuts, and chopped veggies with tahini or nut butters.

Learn more about keto diet meals.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ketosis Diet Plan - Women

Is a ketosis diet plan good for women - or anyone?

Ketosis is popular right now and a supplement is on the market. Too new for me yet, and very expensive. We'll see...hopefully it's wonderful.
Yet the state of fat-burning, or ketosis is attainable by a specific diet plan. And this plan has a long history.

The medical doctors Eades and Eades published The Protein Power Life Plan in 2001.

Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution: The High Calorie Way to Stay Thin Forever was published in 1972.

Now the buzz word is ketosis, a weight loss diet plan. 

It is also good for reducing inflammation and even has been noted to reduced the progress iof cancer. Could that be? Cancer is a condition brought on by inflammation so that makes sense to me.

A low carb high fat which includes plenty of green foods both raw and cooked, is an anti-inflammatory diet. Carbohydrates from foods made with grains, or starchy vegetables promote inflammation, leading to pain. ...Sore joints, aching muscles - either mild, or crippling.

If you're curious about ketosis and how it can keep you thin and healthy I suggest starting with this book, Keto Clarity by by Eric Westman MD and Jimmy Moore. It is the leading best seller book on amazon on the subject.
Keto Clarity

There are other books to choose from as well. The customer reviews on Keto Clarity reflect its usefulness and...clarity.

I first wrote about fat-burning ketosis on the topic of Intermittent Fasting in Effortless Healing by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Best Barre Workout DVD

I found a great youtube ballet barre workout to recommend after finding the following:

"Barre Nouvelle's owner and creator, Deborah Thompson is a former National Ballet of Canada dancer and veteran fitness instructor. Deborah is also an international trainer of the orginal Lotte Berk Technique trained under Lotte Berk's daughter, Esther Fairfax."

That's from the website Barre Nouvelle. I haven't experienced it myself but I'm quite sure it's something I need. 

It is owned and has been created by Deborah Thompson, whom I knew as Debbie Todd back in her National Ballet School of Canada/Company days. The studio is located in Etobicoke, Ontario.

When I went on Face Book a few days ago I was very happy to see a message from her with a link to what she is now teaching. 

So I'm watching this from on line barre workouts right now:

And I think I could do this! And that means almost any retired ballet dancer can! 

I'll never recover the strength I used to have in my hamstrings, gluts and Quadratus Lumborum back muscles. But I do what I can. 

Being retired from ballet isn't the easiest lifestyle. Coordinating work time and workout time can be difficult. 

If you can't visit Barre Nouvelle here's a complete set of Lotte Burk DVD's to learn your workouts with. 

Lotte Burk method Dvd
There are single Lotte Burk DVD's to choose from as well.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

World Ballet Day Live!

Company class at The National Ballet of Canada taught by Rex Harrington just finished. On to interviews!

This live event will go on all day!

Soon we'll see a full dress rehearsal for Christopher Wheeldon's The Winter's Tale.

You can see a schedule of the companies and programs here.

Right now Heather Ogden is interviewing Evan McKee - so I'm off to listen!

This live presentation is broadcast from the Place Des Arts in Montreal.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Get Better Hormone Balance With Water

 Can doing laundry with plain water help with hormonal balance?

I have written about hormone balance and how crucial it is to avoid weight gain.

Today I heard a lengthy explanation about using a magnetic laundry system instead of petroleum based detergents.

I have heard about this for a long time - but this is not the laundry balls I thought it was. It is a magnet system. I'm tempted to try it.

  • no estrogen mimickers in the laundry (rubs off into skin)
  • no chemicals
  • prolongs fabric life
  • saves water (don't need rinse cycle)

The prime interest for me is the non-toxic factor. Petroleum products are estrogen mimickers. They are the base for detergents. Detergents also contain formaldehyde which stinks.

So heavy perfumes are used to cover that up. Called phthalates. Click here if you'd like to read details about that.

Hormone health is crucial to healthy weight and happiness too. Hormonal imbalance leads to anxiety, depression, medications (that often in turn increase weight) and general misery.

The MLS Magnetic Laundry System may be a component of the various things a person/household can do to be healthier. I look forward to using it!

MLS laundry system green save money save water

See the amazon reviews MLS magnetic laundry system.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hip Stretching Exercises - Flexibility!

Hip stretching exercises are important for flexibility and strength.

The reason these muscles, which connect the thighs to the pelvis and spine, need to be exercised and conditioned with lengthening is that your general posture is balanced and stabilized by them.

The Hip Flexors can shorten and lose elasticity if you sit on a chair for several hours a day, or spend many hours driving.

The Gluteus and Piriformis muscles (your butt muscles) can retain chronic tension if not worked out and stretched.

Tight hip muscles lead to loss of balance, tense low back and low back pain, and sore hips that further decrease your desire to stay moving.

The Essentrics Flexibility Workout For Athletes conditions the whole body. This is important because --everything is connected to everything else.The workout emphasizes the lower body yet includes upper exercises.

If you are a beginner I recommend Classical Stretch workouts. The one pictured below shows Miranda Esmonde White stretching the Hip Flexor muscle. 

hip stretching exercises flexibility

This deep lunge type of stretch can be done after walking, jogging, or any routine workout. Always be well warmed up before you do stretches! You can do stretches halfway through a walk or run, which for some makes the exercise more comfortable.

Here is a detailed description of an exercise that stretches hip flexors.
Scroll down to the last quarter of the blog post - you'll see it!

More Classical Stretch workouts are reviewed at Muscle Stretching Exercises.

I hope these recommendations help with your hip stretching exercises/flexibility!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Facts About Saturated Fats - My First Kindle Book!

Facts About Saturated Fats 

facts about saturated fats on Kindle amazon
This Kindle book is 4-F-r-e-e until midnight August 26! it is a short guide for ballet dancers --and anyone, so you all can make sure you're eating the right healthy fats!

I hope you'll let me know what you think of it (you can do so at amazon). It will be updated and improved over time.

It is important to know how to buy high quality fats and oils that will give you energy and not make you fat like junk foods do. It's vital to get the good stuff and avoid the chemicals that are in many commercial brands.

So get the free download! (It will be $2.99 after the promo period is over.)

Facts About Saturated Fats.