Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Charlotte Web CBD Oil Sale - Antiinflammatory

Buy Charlotte Web CBD Oil

Why am I writing about Charlotte Web Oil Sale?


  • it is a hemp oil product with no THC (the stuff that gets you high)
  • it is legal - no prescription needed
  • it is anti-inflammatory
  • reports say it helps you get better sleep
  • it is a powerful anti-oxidant

I can't help but think that a lot of dancers - especially retired dancers with osteoarthritis, joint pains, muscle pains, post-surgery pains - might like this oil which you can get on Amazon!

Particularly if you want or need to avoid drugs - this looks like a good product.

There is a whole interesting story about Charlotte Web oil - it is about a little girl - just look!

Charlotte Web oil for epilepsy is what is discussed there.

I think that's fantastic! But - for dancers - how might it help?

Oh my gosh - stressing -  sleeping - muscle pain - inflammation - competition anxiety - need I say more?

I am an explorer - I haven't bought any yet. But hey I'm about to!

I do know a lot about healthy oils. Not like a biochemist, but I read the best biochemists!

So that's what I'm thinking about right now. And a Charlotte Wed CBD Oil sale is right there on Amazon.

I am definitely going to follow the response to this product!

 Charlotte Web CBD Oil


Friday, July 17, 2015

Pointe Magazine - Soy For A Snack And Estrogen Dominance

I really enjoyed my latest copy of Pointe magazine - except for the recommendation for soy as a healthy snack.

Typically, soy may be a healthy food if it is fermented and organic.

All soy crops in the US that are not grown without pesticides are GMO - in other words, soaked with, and genetically spliced with pesticide.

Pesticides in and of themselves are estrogen mimickers. Combine that with unfermented soy foods and you have a double whammy of estrogen.

Estrogen - out of balance with other hormones - can cause:

  • weight gain
  • cancers
  • heavy periods and pain
  • uterine fibroids
  • endometriosis
  • thryoid deficiencies (leading to weight gain)

It really is not a fun scenario.

Fermented organic soy products are healthy.

For instance San-J Tamari - soy sauce without wheat - has a good vitamin B12 content. It is very flavorful, more than soy sauce.   It is also Gluten free, organic and comes in a reduced sodium version too.

Miso paste - organic and in the Red version - is also good for vitamin B12.

Here is a page full of information about estrogen dominance, if you want more. I am not familiar with the supplements is shows, but the info is excellent.

Here is a short video about estrogen rich foods and how harmful they can be.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Nina Dobrev and Conan O'Brien Do The Splits

I got the Lisa Howell newsletter today about the "over" splits leading to possible injuries. I am so glad she's written about this.

Honestly, for years I've viewed the 'beyond' split position and I don't find it that aesthetic.

In Classical Ballet the straight 180 degree splits line in a grand jete or penche is a beautiful line.

Just my opinion, but in Swan Lake or Giselle, and many other classics, the 180 isn't needed - but can look fantastic.

Anything beyond that starts to look like a circus.

Having sat in on many auditions in a professional ballet school, I've seen the heart break on the face of very expressive young dancers who don't make the grade when the assistants get up and stretch them for the onlooking panel.

But I get it - if they can't do a split or a deep back bend - why lead a hopeful on?

On the other hand, if you have a child who is  almost like a contortionist - how easy will it be for them to conquer classical ballet technique? Without injury?

I've worked with chiropractors for many years, including a couple of kinesiologists.

Many patients have come in with injuries due to lax ligaments.  They are just born that way. And they have supplements recommended for them - specifically to tighten up lax ligaments.

In dance, "tighten up" is a bad phrase. But let's keep things in perspective.

If you can do the splits, I say - hooray. Now you can concentrate on other technical weaknesses you may have (everybody has some) and become better than good.

When I see the you tube videos of young dancers demonstrating their "waaaaay" over-split, legs bowing up onto chairs while their pelvis sits on the floor, I feel slightly nauseated.

Am I old-fashioned? I know I was deemed fairly picky as a ballet teacher - and I can't get used to this circus-like flexibility that is spun as a wanted quality for dance.

I understand that a high degree of flexibility is needed to train.

But the dancer who succeeds - is the dancer you can't help watching. And it's not about the splits.

Beyond splits - is more for the circus.

And for the dancer who can do that, it'a about a lot of extra exercises so she/he doesn't get injured.

I am glad Lisa Howell asks the questions: why; and how to prevent injury.

O.K., this was a bit of a rant so I'll lighten up with this funny video of Nina Dobrev and Conan O'Brien doing the splits.
Only relevant for a few seconds between :24 - 28.

But the 180 is enough, I know right?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Could Pointe Shoes Have Sensors Like Soccer Players Do?

I was just reading an article about how soccer players can wear headbands with high tech!

These head bands relay, in real time, the impact of hits the players receive, on their heads during a game.

There is a point at which a player could be pulled from the game if a hit impact is hard enough to give them a concussion.

I wondered - could a sensor be made for ballet dancers in pointe shoes? It could measure how they come up and down off point.

It could also measure how they take off and land from jumps - which means men in ballet could use them too.

These toe shoes sensors could keep track of:

  • are the dancers' weight distributed evenly over the “tripod” of big toes, little toes and heels
  • do they pronate (roll inwards at the ankle joint(s)) when they push off
  • do they lift their heels before they push off
  • do they push from their plie then fail to push with their forefoot or feet
  • do they land controlling their sole of foot muscles or let their heels impact the floor

These are important moments in pointe work or allegro.

For example, if the ankle(s) roll in on take off or landing, it's setting the dancer up for both sprained ankles or a knee injury.

If there is no strength in the forefeet, an Achilles Tendon injury can be easily forecast.

If the heel pops on take off and the forefeet do all the work, an Achilles Tendon injury may be imminent.Not to mention foot sprains.

Well, just my thoughts today...Quick and fluid ballet footwork is lovely to watch, but tense plies (heels up) and usually more so in pointe shoes, are the obvious weaknesses. 

There are many nit-picky issues that a good teacher will nag you about. 

I wonder if you know all the ballet tips in this book! Get the best technique you can!
 The Pointe Book for ballet dancers

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Positive Self Talk Handouts

Ballet and success can go hand in hand - and riches are relative.

 Positive self talk handouts - in video. Search "brad yates eft youtube".

I was just watching a video (one of a large series) about success and riches.

He demonstrates and puts up a lot of videos about the Emotional Freedom Technique.

(link goes to video explaining EFT).

So who the heck gets rich in ballet, among the successful?

Riches are relative of course. A successful Wall Street broker would snort at the ballerina's pay.

It is all relative.

Yet, your world counts. You, the aspiring child, teen or adult ballet beginner.

You have a muse who invites you to dance. That muse is You!

And maybe you're a recreational dancer. Or a hopeful for dance competitions. Or a ballet student in a professional program.

Believe me, I know even the latter is not bereft of overwhelming anxiety and self doubts!

And I don't know where the science stands on EFT - it is related to acupuncture.

But you certainly can pick up many positive self talk quotes!

Yet, having viewed videos about the emotional freedom technique tapping points I don't think this is useless.

Have a look and see if this might be of some use to help you or another eliminate self talk.

Fuel The Fire EFT Tapping
See what you think. 

" In partnership with Dr. David Feinstein, Dr. Church has been able to confirm that tapping on specific meridian points has a positive effect on cortisol levels. Cortisol, known as the "stress hormone," is integral to our body's "fight or flight" response." Huffington Post an article by Nick Ortner, posted:  - more about

emotional freedom technique tapping points.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sound Machines For Sleeping

So you've got a good nutritional diet plan!

There is one way you can sabotage it and wonder why it's not working as well as "hers".

Lack of good sound sleep will affect a good diet every time.

Even if you're not on a weight loss diet - if you start to gain weight or feel a big appetite increase, reflect on how you've been sleeping lately.

Lack of sleep creates a hormone imbalance that results in hunger, and lack of satisfaction with the meals we're used to.

It also creates other havoc - exhaustion will increase our stress hormone cortisol - which then in turn decreases the quality of our sleep even more.

There is so much for a teen dancer to keep track of!

  • school work
  • extra stretching
  • extra foot exercises
  • sewing pointe shoes
  • clean ballet wear ready
  • social time (what is that again? lol)

And you may lie at wake worrying about all these things, the competition, family arguments and much more!

I totally love sound machines for sleeping! 

Without sound sleep that diet plan will not work so well.

Here's one that comes with a sound card pre-loadedwith soothing sleep sounds - and you can stream your own favorites from a Bluetooth enabled device.
 Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System

There is a variety of these white noise type of machines for sleep.

Get a good night's sleep every night - and get the most out of your good nutritional diet plan.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Easy Tips - Lose Weight

Symptoms - Hormone Deficiency

One of the symptoms of hormone deficiency is bad sleep.

And also hormone deficiencies cause bad sleep.

That is why the word "balance" is key!

One of the best easy tips for losing weight is sleeping well.

Recently Dr. Mercola author of "Effortless Healing" wrote an article "How To Stay Thin For Life". Yeah right that's so easy!

Many of us know it's not.

And his article was about sleep. Good sleep = good body weight!

I believe this and I'll tell you why - recently I started Intermittent Fasting -which I talked about here.

I lost four pounds suddenly but then slept quite badly one night - and the next morning had gained three.

But 2 mornings later after 2 good night's sleep - I had lost six pounds since the start of the Intermittent Fasting.

Dancers often suffer from aching muscles - and that's a deep ache!

About 300 to 400 mg magnesium will help relax muscles. Yet it's good to add some potassium and B6 since these vitamins act in concert - yup they have their own choreography in those muscles!

In extreme cases of insomnia ask your doctor about melatonin and do your own search. Some medical doctors shy away from it because it's a hormone. But if you're not sleeping...well it's a late night brain released hormone that cleanses your brain.And helps you sleep, deeply.

Melatonin can be deficient for different reasons. Lack of sunlight. Or simply a personal deficiency.

I wear Amber tinted glasses when I'm on the computer in the evening. That eliminates the blue-light brightness that stimulates the brain. The UV spectrum.

In fact I'm yawning now - so I'll say - g'night and sleep well! Time to go take my melatonin and keep losing weight!

Click here to get "Effortless Healing"  with some more easy tips to sleep well and lose weight:

Effortless Healing better sleep lose weight